LUXURY CATERING continues to provide the best food products while maintaining the satisfaction and happiness of its customers

Drinks Machine

Type: Cold Drinks Indoor


Refresh Yourself any time with this machine that offers a very flexible products range such as PET bottle and canned drinks. A built-in lift systems carefully delivers your chosen products in a matter of seconds.


  1. 5 shelves by default
  2. 9 selections per shelf by default.
  3. Can hold up to 405 pieces of items (canned or PET bottle)
  4. Cooling System: Chiller Type Unit, Range +5 -20 C



Snack Machine

Type: Snacks Indoor


A combination type of machine that offers a wide selection of food products such as chips, juices, chocolates, bakeries, canned drinks and many more. Has an electronically controlled refrigeration that keeps foods fresh and ready for consumption all the time.


  1. 6 shelves by default
  2. 51 selections by default.
  3. Cooling System: Chiller Type Unit, Range +5 -20 C

Coffee Machine

Type: Hot Drinks Indoor


Enjoy delicious hot drinks in an instant – any time, all the time! This unit provides 16 different selections of coffee-mixes and teas that you can choose from with just a push of a button


  1. Up to 16 selections
  2. Up to 1200 cups inside
  3. Up to 95 C heating Temperature 
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